Outline - first full draft of a book towards a synopsis

This outline was first presented at the Sustainopreneurship Book Group over at Sustainopreneur's Café.

It will be filled with short descriptors of 1. What the main content of the part is intended to be, and 2. What main Questions the part of the book intend to answer, capturing the purpose in the best one-liner format available - sentences ending with an ?

Part 0. The Coverage - estimated chapters: 1
Part I. The Context - estimated chapters: 2
Part II. The Concept - estimated chapters: 3
Part III. The Chronicles - estimated chapters: 5
Part IV. The Cases - estimated chapters: 8
Part V. The Contemplations - estimated chapters: 5
Part VI. The Challenges - estimated chapters: 5
Part VII. The Communication - estimated chapters: 3
Part VIII. The Critical Mass? - estimated chapters: 2

The book will partly recycle and edit earlier texts created (mostly academical) into popular format, and add new content in some lines, enriching first and foremost with case stories and detailed sharing on the "how" aspect - ideas on how to create a sustainopreneurial venture.

In March 2009, I shared the intended content of the finalized book part by part firstly on my blog, and then copied it over here, by giving summaries of each part. Coming up, a synopsis will be created to get to the core of the matter - and a wise thing to do after each and every part has been presented in details. Sources and process related to each and every part will also be covered in detail, with a preliminary outlining of the chapters included in the book. Below, sharing every part title and the intended content in one sentence here on the outline overview page, with links to respective part page.

The book is intended to end up in 550+ pages, with eight main parts and one introductory part, with 34 chapters.

Part 0. The Coverage

This part grasps the purpose and content (and also the process of the creation) of the book.

Part I. The Context

This part will be dealing with the sustainability issues, the causes of the sustainability-related problems, and problems with the institutions set to solve the these problems.

Part II. The Concept

This part covers the emergence of the ideas, the theories and the final formulation of the sustainopreneurship concept, that ended up in the publishing of the Wikipedia article in October 17, 2008.

Part III. The Chronicles

This part covers the central stories and personal accounts/experiences to relate to the emergence of the concept, and its further development and proliferation.

Part IV. The Cases

This part is a rich set of case stories, illustrating and enriching the meaning of the concept.

Part V. The Contemplations

This part discusses the learnings so far, and reflects around the cases, ending up in conclusions and models to understand sustainability innovations and entrepreneurship, its enablers and core ideas deeper.

Part VI. The Challenges

This part deals with challenges for sustainopreneurs, the practical implementation and suggestions on how to overcome them - a "how-to" oriented part for the practitioners.

Part VII. The Communication

This part deals with the further communication of the key messages, and how to get the movement to increase in strength.

Part VIII. The Critical Mass?

The final part deals with the key question - "How can we innovate and interact in order to reach a critical mass of people and energies to create a sustainable world?"

(first version presented through this blog post)

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