Part II. The Concept

This part covers the emergence of the ideas, the theories and the final formulation of the sustainopreneurship concept, that ended up in the publishing of the Wikipedia article in October 17, 2008.

Chapter 4 - My Story On Sustainopreneurship

Since the concept deals alot with my personal journey of discovery, a short summary on this discovery process is narrated - a story telling beginning with a "spark", an ignition, back in January, year 2000 - some few days, right after the millennium shift. The full story will be told in Part III, the Chronicles, but enough is told here for the purpose to introduce the concept, and why I devote my energy and time - my commitment - so passionately to it.

Chapter 5 - Entrepreneurship: A History of Ideas

Since the idea and concept of sustainopreneurship primarily emerges from entrepreneurship theory, a review of entrepreneurship in history of ideas, business and management research, historical context, and its modern strand of discussion enlarging the concept to be percieved rather as a social process than an economical one is represented. This points specifically to the ideas preceding sustainopreneurship - social entrepreneurship and eco-preneurship, landing in the first works on sustainability entrepreneurship.

Chapter 6 - Sustainopreneurship defined, tried, tested and published

This chapter gets to the specifics on the concept, and presents the main dimensions, aspects and attributes - a chapter that begins with the definition published firstly 2005, and since October 17, 2008 on Wikipedia. The key sources that led to the publishing of the concept on Wikipedia, and how they came about, is reviewed. The chapter ends with the motive and rationale for the rest of this book, whose content orientation and the underlying research needed to be done has been defined previously in the published work related to future research on sustainopreneurship - a research now done in this manner. Blogging new content, piece by piece, insight by insight - that ends up in a wiki, seeing the book emerge in this way.

Main source and departure for this part is chapter 3 in the Master Thesis, extended and added primarily with the personal story on the conceptual discovery mentioned above (chapter 3), and new references of later date. The main event in between this book and the Master Thesis is the Wikipedia article published, thus this highlightning.

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