Part III. The Chronicles

This part covers the central stories and personal accounts/experiences to relate to the emergence of the concept, and its further development and proliferation.


Beyond first and second parts of the book (see last two posts), introducing the context and the concept, the third part focuses on the personal experiences, telling the stories and tales that led to the discovery and further development of the concept.

Since the master thesis used an approach called "enactive research", where self-ethnography emerging from your own experiences to apply and practice in the name of the researched phenomenon in order to gain and increase insight into it is central in the method, of natural reasons this part of the book will be very important. Since time has passed beyond the publishing of the thesis, and adding a stream of events beyond that, this part is one where a heavy updating - and revisiting - of earlier stories told in the master thesis is being made. Given the quite scarce space in the master thesis for the story-telling, the book gives more room to this "documentary" part. It is also added with a short biography with some vital key events in life at large preceding the engagement and commitment to the quest of sustainopreneurship in idea and applied.

The chapter structure will more or less depart from the sections in chapter 4 in the master thesis, where the sections extends into full chapters, and follow a timeline approach.

Chapter 7 - A short biography

A filtered and condensed bio relevant to the book topic will be given, in an attempt to trace core events that led up to the first "ignition" in January 2000.

Chapter 8 - Pre-venturing

This grasps the phase of searching and re-searching through an action-based strategy. It also covers the time in Uganda 2001-2002 in more depth and detail than in the master thesis, enriching the story with new material, not just stories, but also photos and other scanned artefacts to illustrate this magical journey!

Chapter 9 - Venturing

The pain and glory of the development of On a Mission Sweden - Inc. Ass. (On a Mission Sverige - Ek. För.) - in cooperation with On a Mission Uganda Ltd. sister organization - and the development of the brand Ignition is the focus of the venturing process. Sustainopreneurship in applied (inter)action!

Chapter 10 - Post-Venturing

Reflections from the journey of developing the business plan of Ignition, and its core element the SEEDS model guiding the SEEDS Innovation Fund strategy, investing in sustainability innovations in the future dominates. This chapter corresponding to the last section of chapter 4 in the thesis will also be heavily enriched beyond, since two years has passed further beyond the publishing of the thesis, where the last empirical elements of sharing the tales of the field in the thesis were from March/April 2007.

Chapter 11 - Core Lessons Learnt

Part III ends with some core lessons from this rich and deep experience, which will be evolved further, later in the book - primarily in Part V and VI.

Besides sharing stories from my own experiece not published before, the main departure is chapter 4 from the master thesis, adding also elements to illustrate the story like photos.

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