Part VI. The Challenges

This part deals with challenges for sustainopreneurs, the practical implementation and suggestions on how to overcome them - a "how-to" oriented part for the practitioners.

In the sixth part of the book, I dedicate five chapters on challenges for sustainopreneurs to be met, and how to make it easier to meet them. If the fifth part deepens the "what?" aspect of sustainopreneurship, the sixth is dealt deeply with the "how?". In the chapters, departing from a process model built up, commonly reported obstacles are reported, enablers are listed, social media for sustainopreneurs is dedicated a special chapter due to its facilitating power, and finally a powerful encouragement to wake up the sustainopreneur within you is ending the chapter - "get into the flow"!


Chapter 25 - The Sustainopreneurial Process - a Model

To grasp key elements of the sustainopreneurial process a model is built up to discuss important aspects relevant on the "sustainopreneur's becoming" - from Inspiration leading to the Ignition, further on to the Institutionalization. It identifies the process flow key components, its forces - and counter-forces.

Chapter 26 - Obstacles - Resistance is an Asset

A common misconception, especially within supportive forces for entrepreneurial processes in general and policy-makers in particular, is that you should make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to realize their venture. First out, there will always be challenges - that's a part of life. No pain, no gain. Second, resistance and overcoming obstacles only sharpens the edge of the deeds, actually making the process more successful in the end - so a set of barriers to break, sometimes with a battering ram, only leverages the results in the end. Still, some key obstacles for sustainopreneurs needs to be mentioned in particular, grasping the nature of them. One is communicating the nature of the venture and how to promote/market it, second is how to find the "right people" and all key stakeholders making it happen, third is how to deal with the constant struggle of financing the venture.

Chapter 27 - Enablers - Empower Your Flow

In order to meet the mentioned three key challenges, some "battering rams" are given and how to deal with them. First, branding and identity-making is mentioned as a means to overcome the communication barrier, esepcially in the context of Internet. Second is networking to get the key stakeholders. Third is a widening of the "financing" concept to get alternative views and unorthodox means for the realization - resourcing. Here, a special focus is set on "financial bootstrapping", and how to get means when you lack access to formal third-party financing. A final note is on the use - and abuse - of business plans in this context, where an alternative mapping of your business is recommended.

Chapter 28 - Social Media for Sustainopreneurs - From Idea to Realization Through Virtualization

An unstoppable force has been created with Internet, now soon coming to 40 years of age. Of more recent date, following the creation of the WWW halfway from first login back in 1969 up until now, a phenomenon named social media has turned much upside down of "old rules" for business, organizing and media/communication. This is an immense possibility for sustainopreneurs in all aspects of the challenges, and in order to outline the power of different social media domains - blogs, microblogs, wikis, communities etc. - an integrated model to grasp the flow of realizing your venture through virtualization is presented, and how these tool domains within social media can work for and with you.


Chapter 29 - Get Into The Flow!

Up until now, alot of stories, concepts, tools, domains and knowledge has been delivered. Time to move from words to action! Since this book is primarily here to focus on the conceptualization and its development, and share knowledge, the main focus is on the ideas and practical experiences so far made. A sequel to this book is already intended which is far more hands-on and practical, for every DIY Sustainopreneur to have as a travelling companion and guide. Action speaks louder than words! To precede this practically oriented handbook are the key concepts to translate it into the practical, with four sections: Upgrade Your YouFlow, Leverage Your WeFlow, Enact Your HowFlow and Synchronize Your NowFlow. This forms the conceptual ground and outline for the DIY book, not titled yet - theme "Your Sustainopreneurial Venture?". A key driving force in this flow is the fact you constantly get energy to meet and raise to the challenge through experienced meaning inrealizing a sustainopreneurial venture.

The chapter also wants to show and make a claim that there is a sustainopreneur residing in everyone potentially - contrarian to the "entrepreneur as hero" dominant picture, this ending chapter of "how" part of the book also has as a purpose to dedramatize entrepreneurship for sustainability and lift up "everydayness entrepreneurship" as a means to create a sustainable world.

The first chapter in this part on the process model, emerges from this model made some years back, but who never has been written up. Obstacles and enablers are partly from own earlier made research, partly from secondary sources, and is developed further with new research and development. This research is especially done through dialogue with key members of the sustainopreneurial teams from the case studies in the fourth part. The social media section departs from notes made earlier, on a model not even made with digital graphics yet. The sections in getting into the flow and encouraging you to set up your own sustainopreneurial venture is developed from a whole new set of conceptual work, from spring 2008 and onwards, and have yet to see its reflective write-up.

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