Part VII. The Communication

This part deals with the further communication of the key messages, and how to get the movement to increase in strength.

With the book so far going through the "what?" and "how?" aspects, this part ties back to the first part dealing mostly with the motivation for the conceptual framing - the "why?" part, connected with an anxious "when?" calling for action! We're approaching to tie it all together, to close the circle - or maybe spiral, in ever widening radius and height of growing knowledge and applied action in its name.

In the bottom line, in order to get leverage for the idea of making a sustainable world in general, and sustainopreneurship as one of many concepts to get us there in specific, it's all about communication. In this book part, this is focused - ideas on how to proliferate the concept and get more action in its name.


Chapter 30 - Inform, Communicate, Transfer - Conversing at Three Levels

In this chapter, I focus on some crucial thoughts, ideas and models to be aware in inter-personal conversations. Information is an exchange from mind to mind, intellectually. Communication is an exchange from mind and heart, to another mind and heart - and back. A dialogue. Transfer is an exchange from mind, heart and spirit - where in the end no separation is experienced in between the conversing agents - flow as one.

Chapter 31 - Communicating the Concept - Transfer the Idea?

When it comes to making the concept spreading with an increased awareness as a consequence, some specific challenges gets identified, and how the concept and the idea carried by it can get spread. A campaign on how to get one million hits on Google gets presented, and results of it so far - proactively using social media in all formats to get there. How to ignite a conversation in the social media spheres? How can the concept be translated - and maybe used with different terms, expressions and sayings to get different understanding levels in different cultural contexts? What about other languages than English?

Chapter 32 - Communicating through Action - Transfer the Spirit?

Action speaks louder than words, so if communicating the idea through conceptual campaigning is good, it is viewed that having more ventures calling themselves sustainopreneurial, and applying the spirit into (inter)action is far better. It points to the next level - words are only words, it is action that counts. Concrete next steps on how to get more sustainopreneurial ventures to tell stories about, inspiring further venturing in its name is introduced.

Much of the material is to be written from scratch, where many thought figures and notes in these lines have been shared in different contexts. Some core references related to the keywords in this chapter will get reviewed to support the arguments.

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