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Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause: The Whys, Whats and Hows of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability

Welcome to this book wiki - in between the book blogging and PDF final edits of chapters, then full parts and finally the full book. In this wiki space the book is incrementally built up and receives feedback through crowd sourced peer 2 peer review.


The book is about Sustainopreneurship, and titled "Sustainopreneurship - Business with a Cause. The Whys, Whats and Hows of Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Sustainability".

The concept is found at Wikipedia since October 17, 2008.

The content departs from earlier publishing on the topic: the master thesis first and foremost, but also book chapters and conference article. The main purpose of the book is twofold;

1. Popularize the subject in order to see more sustainopreneurial ventures in the world, and providing an "English-to-English" translation increasing accessibility.

2. Extend the content primarily to increase the understanding and deepening the knowledge through collaborative research on the concept - especially collecting case studies and their stories, systematizing both conceptually and practically learning from their creation processes, grasping the "what and how" more in detail of sustainopreneurship. The rationale for the concept is also deepened with an extended background and conceptual positioning, covering the whole sphere related to the "business case of sustainability".

The parts and respective chapters are more closely described in the outline (also found in sidebar navigation).

The research, writing, publishing and printing is financed through micro- and nano sponsorship of individuals and companies. If you want to contribute to the finalizing of the book, with the process before, during and after the manuscript creation (research, writing, administration and print), you are welcome to explore the opportunities in the sponsorship page.

Anders Abrahamsson
Initiator and Author

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